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20-03-2018: Version 1.2 Final release with minor bug fixes for mobile devices only.

18-03-2018: Version 1.1 Final release

16-03-2018: Security testing reinitiated with all suggested changes implimented.

15-03-2018: Serverwide security testing initiated and completed with changes suggested.

05-03-2018: CDN and analytics included in release and final security testing due.

28-02-2018: Two new options all_text_color and all_bg_color added.

26-02-2018: Server side database bug fixes which were disabling theme color display on first page visit. Issue logged by Prafful Silakari.

25-02-2018: Toast feedback added for copy command, Zip download enabled for published theme, notes_unlocked_color removed from theme builder, new Readme.txt in and other bug fixes and improvements.

24-02-2018: Final beta commit.

23-02-2018: Initial beta commit.

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